Characters that appear in Skatoony but never became contestants. The appear as either background characters or only appear in a small part of the plot.

Major Characters

These characters have a major role in a plot, but never become contestants themselves.

  • Nebula's Dad: A wizard.
  • The Baby Army: Rides elephants to stop the imaginary fiends from destroying the studio
  • Dad: Husband of Bonnie and Burp's Mom
  • Jonah's Pirate Crew: Helps Jonah steal the Quizblock
    • Gregor: One member of Jonah's Pirate Crew who throws an anchor at the Quizblock, thus putting it in the pirates' clutches.

Minor Characters

Characters with a minor impact on the plot, but never become contestants themselves.

  • Cliff Tennisballs: A tennis player who can easily shoot tennis balls.
  • Woody The Worm: A worm that eats wood for some reason.
  • Walt Billabong: An Australian man who taught some frogs how to dance, only to get eaten by one of them.

Audience Only

Characters who only appear as part of the audience.