Skatoony (Shown as SKAToonY) is a British/Canadian  children's competition show, pitting live-acted kids against toons. This show airs on Cartoon Network in the UK and on Teletoon in Canada. It is based around two hosts named 'Chudd Chudders' (voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK and Jonathan Wilson in NA) and 'The Earl' (voiced by Lewis MacLeod in the UK and James Rankin in NA).


Skatoony began, not as a TV show, but as a microsite on the Cartoon Network UK website. 2006 was the first Skatoony full length TV show. However a few phone-in shows such as Skatoony Quizmas, Ready Steady Skatoony and Skatoony Truckatoony existed before as a sort of continuity during school holidays. These phone-in shows ended in 2005. Owing to the success of the first two series of Skatoony, Turner Broadcasting have commissioned a third series of the show, to launch on Cartoon Network (UK) in November 2008.

On February 9, 2009, Marblemedia announced they would be producing a North American version of the series Skatoony (in French and English) for. The Canadian adaptation, titled Skatoony North America to differentiate it from other adaptations follows the same format. The English version of Skatoony is filmed in Toronto, while the French version is filmed in Montreal with a different set of contestants; however, the outcome of the animated contestants remains the same between both versions. Jonathan Wilson voices Chudd Chudders while James Rankin provides the voice of The Earl, and new addition to the North American release, Charles La Puck, which is voiced by Jeff Lumby.


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